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Artificial Landscape

In the gap made by landscape and objects, countless ambiguous landscapes occur. The artificial natural objects found in those ambiguous landscapes confuse the boundary of humans and landscapes.
The artificial natural sculptures are objects often found in spaces of the everyday life. It appears naturally, not merely in a specific space, but in our everyday life and collides with the dull landscape. At times, forms seem to be very shoddy and even feel a sense of disgust coming from the worn and shattered appearance. People live numbly within such shoddy landscape, however, I believed that there was some kind of purpose into it that relates with people. This landscape, which possesses an uncertain identity, indicates the landscape related with an ideal place within the dull landscape of the everyday life and it attracts people into another utopian landscape. The point in which I speak is on the contradicting act of attracting people into an ideal landscape through such replica of nature made in incongruity. Exaggerated from the appearance of nature, the artificial natural objects within the elaborately camouflaged city is the symbol of desire which attract us into the ideal landscape people associate and put us in wait-and-see situation.